Why are you doing this?

I get visions, and you can too.

You’ll be walking along and suddenly sea water is rising through cracks in the sidewalk. Buildings rot. Someone hacks up the genes of seaweed or something to try and grow a more stable foundation, and so of course that’s overgrown, and now the houses are lifted into the sky, till they’re level with the elevated tracks. Trains scoot by, still, sometimes, when the tracks are passable, their doors opening and closing, taking no one to nowhere.

And don’t get me started on movies. You’re going to be watching two movies, now, if you’re lucky. More likely it’ll be five or six. The movie you came to watch, and many alternate versions—her children and doppelgängers—all running simultaneously. The saving grace here is that the movies playing in your head will, almost without exception, be better than what’s on screen. (Unfortunately, any future you had as a movie reviewer will be hopelessly fucked.)

So perhaps you would like experiences such as those, or perhaps you would just like to read about mine.

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That means, like a bar at happy hour, everything is free. It also means you have to wait for the good stuff.

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